In the stories of the Northwest Pacific Native Americans, Raven brought fire to The People. This was the inspiration for this pendant by artist Joyce Ravenwood. One side of this two sided pendant depicts Raven flying through the "flames" of the Volcano Quarts stone with 14 karat gold "fire" in his beak. On the other side, The People, rendered in the artistic style of the Native Americans of the Northwest, are shown basking and giving thanks for the fire that Raven brought to them. The base of this beautiful and unique pendant is a Volcano Quartz stone. Raven and The People are crafted from solid Sterling Silver and Raven carrys 14 karat gold "fire" in his beak. The pendant measures 2 1/2" x 1 3/8" including the sterling silver bale. 


Each of Joyce Ravenwood's creations is a unique, one of a kind piece of wearable art and each one is crafted by hand at her jeweler's bench. She lets each of the elements that she works with dictate her design decisions so that the natural beauty of each piece as well as the heart of the artist shines through the completed piece. 

"Raven Brings Fire To The People" Pendant