The Story of the RavenWhale


This is a story of long ago, in the time after Raven pried open the giant clam shell and allowed The People to emerge into the world. It was in the time after Raven hung the Sun, the Moon and all of the stars in the heavens so The People would have light in their dark world. Raven loved The People and watched them go about their daily lives as she soared high above them in the sky. Through many seasons Raven flew in the four directions as far as she could and explored the lands of the world. Though Raven loved The People, she longed for another that she could share her life and adventures with. One day as she sat in the top of a tall pine tree and looked out over the ocean, she wondered what was on the other side of the water. Even though she had flown over all of the land, she had never tried to fly over the water to see what was on the other side. “It is time” she thought to herself. So Raven spread her giant black wings and soared out over the ocean to see what she could find. She flew for days and grew very tired because she could find no place to land and rest. With each passing day she grew weaker and more weary. Finally she saw something far below her. It was not land but it looked like a log floating in the water. She had to rest so she swooped down and landed on the large black log among the waves of the ocean. She was so tired that she started to doze in the hot sun. Suddenly she heard a voice that seemed to come from the log.


“Who are you?” asked the booming voice.


“I am Raven” she said. “I am the one The People call The Bringer of the Light”. “Who is talking” she asked loudly!


Just then she saw a huge eye open in the log and look at her.


“I am Whale” said the log. “I am called The Traveler by The People. I swim in all of the waters of the world and pass by the lodges of The People every season while hunting”.


“You must see many wondrous things as you swim across the oceans and dive under the waters” Raven said.


“As do you as you fly over the land” Whale replied. “Why are you on my back”?


“I longed to see what was on the other side of the water” Raven answered. “I grew so tired and was afraid I would not make it until I saw you. I thought you were a log floating in the water and stopped to rest on your back for a while”.


“I have always wondered what there was to see upon the land beyond the shore” said Whale. “Tell me about your travels while you rest”.


So Raven and Whale stayed together for days sharing with each other all of the wonders they had both seen. One day a storm appeared with ferocious winds that washed huge waves over the back of Whale. Raven struggled to stay on his back but was almost washed off many times.


“If you stay on top of my back you will die” Whale said. “I will open my mouth and you can fly inside of my belly and be safe from the storm.”


So that is exactly what Raven did! She flew inside of Whale and snuggled up to his enormous heart and was safe and warm. On sunny days Raven would fly out of Whale’s mouth and sit on his back. Days turned to weeks and weeks turned into years as Raven and Whale explored the world together. With each passing day they became closer and closer and grew to love each other very much. They traveled over the waters and lands of the world. They grew so close that Raven could see the beautiful sights under the oceans through Whale’s eyes and Whale could feel and see what Raven felt and saw as she soared through the sky over the land.


Time passed and the two grew so close that The People came to think of them as one. They started to tell stories about how Raven and Whale bonded together and became RavenWhale. They made carvings and paintings showing Whale with Raven tucked safely inside his belly next to his heart.


That is the story of how love bound together two completely different beings and the result was the creation of something even more beautiful and wondrous. The People say that this being, created by two hearts brought together by love, is still exploring the world even today, seeking out things of beauty and carrying them to a secret place for safe keeping. When the time is right and future generations need to be reminded of the beauty, creativity and light that are in this world, RavenWhale's treasures will once again be released into the world for the enjoyment of The People.